Your skin may make men call you a Black, a White, a Brown or a Yellow but believe me; many among us have actually hearts of White. Yes, in today’s society White reigns supreme. Do not fall for the god men fashioning a saffron robe or a long beard who proclaim through public address systems that all mortals have blackness in their hearts and Heaven is as ‘pure’ as white itself. It’s indeed true that they possess the Whitest of hearts and also that some men still possess some Blackness in their hearts. Yet realize the fallacies of these fellow mortals who have never been to Heaven themselves trying so audaciously to paint Heaven with the color of their hearts!

 I say, we all are surrounded by men with hearts as dark as that of White. Hearts that can’t tolerate even the minuscule of impurity or imperfection in the society. Those flaws can be of different hues—respecting others religion, advocating equal human rights, supporting homosexuality or anything out of the commonplace is apathy for the White. White sits high on a pedestal like a deity and scorns at the riot of colors all at the same time cleansing itself of any blemish. It is acutely aware of maintaining its starkness to stay in the league of the purists. It comes down hard on the other colors, condemning and castigating them from its bubble of piousness. It dictates to them the norms of the society to lead a life of purity. “All glories to White!” it proclaims, trying but in vain to re-paint others with its brush of morality. It doesn’t help ‘cleanse’ the palette at all; rather White’s brush itself gets soaked in the colors of pluralism.

Few are there whose hearts are the abode of the Black. The Black is the nemesis of the White, openly accepting in to its fold the various colors of the society which the White had so stubbornly relegated as trash. It absorbs and endures all—the anger of the Red, the jealousy of the Green, the gloominess of the Blue and even the starkness of the White! It never speaks ill of any of them, for it realizes that pluralism is the only way to form the rainbow of equality. It attempts to create a rainbow, where all colors of the society get an equal place and position, without any disrespect or prejudice whatsoever. The sky today is a dull grey, not because of the monsoons, but due to the tussle between the kindly Black and the unyielding White. Black had offered its hand of peace a long time ago, but White keeps on trying to paint the hand white with its brush never realizing that it is only muddying its own clear skies.

But Black has the vibrancy of the colorful masses, who one day together shall paint an everlasting rainbow dethroning the White from its pedestal of hypocrisy. That day shall the black sheep, the antihero of today, reign supreme, happily accommodating every color of the society in the purest form of pluralism. And that day shall the sham protagonist, the white dove fly away asunder from earthly hues with its bagful of prejudice, hatred and intolerance.


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