‘Now’ is a pretty quirky moment to be in. You can boast with authority about your past and also, even more so if you happen to profess as an astrologer, about the future. Yet none possesses the power to define or hold back ones present. You thought about it in your past and will reminisce about it in your future. But try as you may, the present will escape your sight the moment you try to lay your eyes on it. From the yonder horizon of the future it flies away in to the dusts of the past. It is flying away as I type, as you read. We shed tears about our past; we raise our spirits about our future. The present is all that we give a miss fully aware at the same time that we are living in it!

Is this a conscious carelessness on our part? Or are we too timid to change the course of our Destiny? Is the present a speck of virgin beauty as extolled by Shri Aurobindo or as narrated by Nehru, is she just a prostitute scarred by her past deeds and bound to the chains of the future?

The present, for me, are the veiled eyes of a Middle Eastern woman. Shrouded by the silken sheath of the future she looks out; only to turn her head in to the darkness of the past the moment one is enamored by her hazel eyes. She never turns back again as she recedes in to the past till all that remains are a misty recollection of those enchanting eyes…

Destiny then, is a very stiff ruler. His subjects of Karma and Kismet live their entire lives in submission to His whims never gathering the courage to change their fate. Everything that happens in the present are dusted off to the person’s Karma or figured out as his Kismet. After all, who has the power to challenge the clout of Destiny?

Destiny is a powerful ruler; he’s not invincible. Free your Souls from His battering cudgel and see the good times rolling in. Soul has the power to take Karma out of its misery. Let Her decode our past—our Karma in the present and map out the road ahead. With Karma on Her side, our future—Kismet will be all the more happy to escape the dungeons of Destiny and join Her. Together they can defeat the sinister ways of tyrannical Destiny. Arrogance is the ultimate downfall of the Authority, the old proverbs say. Things will be rough at times, but we shall overcome if we bear this thought in mind.

The present is a wonderful moment. Don’t make your present tense tensed with thoughts that linger on from your past or troubles that might herald your future. Keep the faith in your Soul and let Her show you the way forward. And if Destiny ever tries catching hold of you again, keep these lines always in mind as you shoo him away:

The past maybe golden, and the future bright
The present is all but that sparkles in sight.


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