“Not all who wander are lost.”

Sometimes wanderings bring you close to yourself, to who you are. Keeping up with my monistic character here’s how one thing leads onto another and everything then comes down to one thing in itself!

Agni, that famous Assamese song was playing on as I shuffled though YouTube for more Assamese Rock stuff. The search algorithms took me to the Indian Ocean song, Kandisa. All this while, I had the song on my cell phone never caring to think about what those lyrics meant. Tonight they intrigued me to search for the meaning behind Kandisa and I set about wandering.

Kandisa introduced me to the Aramaic language, a language so ancient and diverse that people of different Aramaic dialects do not understand each other. I wandered more about how this makes up for its vulnerability, with many dialects extinct and others under pressure from dominant Arabic and Hebrew. Aramaic helped me learn the meaning of the song; I soon realized that I was actually singing a gospel and that ‘Yose’ in the song actually meant Joseph from the Bible.

‘Our father Joseph’ led me onto the fringe community in the Middle East called the Syrian Christians, who have recently been under tremendous pressure due the ongoing turmoil in the country. Assyrian Genocide came next as I sat about learning more about this community. The mass murders and deportation under the Ottoman Empire of Turkey had caused havoc among the minority Christians. The statistics of deaths, abductions and rapes re-affirmed my beliefs in Atheism and how all religions have their hands soaked in blood.

The more I thought about the Syrian Christians, the more was I proud of my country. They have found a safe haven in south India and have been living here for centuries now. India remains the only country in the history of the world where Jews haven’t been persecuted. Their neighbors, the Zoroastrians & the Syrian Christians likewise have found a safe haven here. Yes, I’m an Indophile; this is one of the many reasons why I love India and shall continue loving so.

Kandisa and the Syrian Christians excite the observational Virgo in me. So, I wander. My next stop will be the Syrian Christian Church in Manipal that my sharp senses caught sight of en-route to DeeTee. Probably I would try comparing the Syrian Church with the Catholic Church. But then when I’m wandering, it’s a sin to plan for the future!

Not all who wander are lost” was written in my tee-shirt which brought about this whole exercise. Yes, I wandered but I didn’t lose my way. It retraced me back to my philosophy, my beliefs and my love for India. Hope to wander soon enough and get to explore many more realms…

Till then, everything is One: One is everything.

Almaduba-ha Qudisa-ha.


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