Hugo Chavez lives on, but Cadbury shouldn’t

Cadbury’s sweet & savory ads turned out to be just another Capitalist façade as news of it getting embroiled in tax evasions (yeah, all’s same-same in the Corporate world) flashed on my screen. Other days would have seen me reading extensively about this Brown devil.

Not today…Hugo Chavez has lost the battle to cancer. One of 21st century’s most renowned Socialist, administrator and dozens of other adjectives going after his name has breathed his last. A leader from the front-lines, he along with other Socialist leaders of Latin America successfully deterred US’s aggressive policies based on the devilish Monroe Doctrine. Forever working to unite the Latin American countries, he was instrumental in setting up of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. Indeed, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil among others hailed this Venezuelan hero.

English: Hugo Chavez Español: Hugo Chavez
The legacy shall continue, comrade(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Compare this to India’s progeny, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that is currently in a state of quandary as India embraces more and more of Capitalist moolah. The Gov. of today is busy privatizing and disinvesting in key sectors of our country. This is not an India of the Nehru’s anymore, quoting Rushdie.

The US of A is shamelessly hypocritical; toppling regimes after regimes for “furthering democracy” aka Oil in the Middle East and concurrently carrying forth clandestine assassination missions, all in the name of ‘fair’ democratic principles. Declassified CIA documents themselves reveal more than 630 official attempts on Chavez’s life; we might safely presume the number to be much higher.

Why did the democratized countries of the West fail to take a strong note of the Al-Qaeda of the USA’s? They however were quite adept in lambasting the Latin American countries as dictatorships all so because they didn’t adhere to private companies gobbling up natural resources. Over the years, Hugo Chavez worked to create a special bond with the downtrodden which no surprisingly, forms his largest vote-share in a legacy spanning up to six Presidential terms.

Assumptions are thereby valid that Chavez might have been poisoned to death by the CIA. The Western press shall just dismiss it off as something mentioned in “sections of the media”, or shall just ignore it all-together. 630+ bids showed CIA’s desperation; they might have just gained an upper hand this time. If that holds truth, their apparent attempt at de-stabilizing Latin America is doomed to be a big dud.

The masses have rallied further behind the Socialist cause after his death. A leader is born to create leaders, Hugo Chavez knew well. Nicolas Maduro, his closest ally, shared with him the dreams & shall carry them forward as the imminent successor President.

A jolt for Socialism it is, but we shall recover. I don’t hope that for Cadbury: 46 million $ tax evasion by a common man would have gladly fetched him the noose. If you’re too much caught up in their heavenly ad-world, then you ought to set aside the TV and head off to Coorg, southern India to judge how natural chocolate can any day beat many billions of $ worth Cadbury’s taste.